Voter Registration Cards

Voter Registration Cards are available in the offices of each campus at White Oak ISD. You may go by the office and pick up a card. Completed cards must be turned in at the Administration Building on or Before April 9, 2014, to be eligible to vote in the School Bond election. 

Bond Referendum

Below is a link to the facts page in regards to the Bond Referendum.  Please look at the following link for information about the Bond.

Mark your calendars!  There will be an open house to tour the High School and the Field House on Thursday, April 10th from 6-8:30 and on Sunday, April 13th from 12:30-2:45.  There will also be a Town Hall meeting on Sunday, April 13th from 3-4:00.

Does White Oak Intermediate teach Common Core?

I have been asked if our campus teaches “Common Core”.  Texas is one of four states that did not adopt Common Core.  In the state of Texas teachers are teaching Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), also known as state standards.   If you are interested in reading the TEKS for your child’s respected grade level go to  
At our campus we do not have a bought curriculum.  Each week our teachers meet as teams and plan according to the TEKs they are focusing on and through the course of a school year have created the curriculum used at White Oak Intermediate.  Teachers use various resources to help students understand the concepts being taught.  I hope this helps clarify any questions in regards to if we do or do not teach Common Core. We do not. 

Dinah Morgan

Our hearts go out to Dinah Morgan’s family during this difficult time.  Mrs. Morgan passed away over the weekend.  If you would like information on visitation or the funeral please click on this link:!/Obituary

We appreciate everything that you the parents, the students, and the community have done to help support this family.  We appreciate your participation in the Coins for Cancer week, the bracelets, the Powder Puff football game, BBQ dinner, and the car wash that the middle school organized.  It was able to bring some peace to Dinah during her fight with cancer. Thanks again for being an amazing community!

Thank You and Upcoming Events

First, I would like to start off and say thank you to all of the parents that brought yummy treats to school today for the staff.  We were able to raise money for Mrs. Johnson while enjoying your yummy homemade items.  I would also like to thank Sonic and Whataburger for their generous donations of breakfast tacos and sandwiches. Our staff truly appreciates the kindness and generosity of parents and the community.

If you ordered a shirt, “Hope tis the Season”, the first order has arrived and we hope to get those out this week.  There was a second order placed after more shirt orders came in and as soon as we get those in we will work on getting them to you.

Just a reminder that tonight there is a board meeting to discuss the proposed bond.  It has been moved from Central Office to the High School cafeteria.

It is hard to believe that December is already here.  The month of December is very busy.  Here is an overview of events going on.

December 5th, Thursday 3rd and 4th Grade Writing Benchmarks, 5th Grade Science Benchmark

December 10th, Tuesday 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Math Benchmarks

December 11, Wednesday 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Reading Benchmarks

*It is important that students get a good night’s rest before benchmarks and eat a good breakfast.  We will be taking two benchmark tests this year.  This is our first benchmark and we will be doing another in February/March. 

December 12, Thursday Cookie Dough Delivery, Students who earned Limo ride and Pizza lunch will do this on this day, 5th grade Musical 6:30

December 13, Friday Students who sold enough items to participate in bounce house will get to do this during their enhancement time.

December 19th, Thursday CHAMPS Assembly and Student Early Release

December 20th, Friday 8:30-9:00 School Sing A Long, 9:00-10:00 Class Parties, Early Release

December 23-January 3 Winter Break


Parents as we enter the third six weeks I want to stress the importance that your children be at school each day, all day.  We have had numerous students come in the mornings but are being checked out in the afternoons.  Since your child has more than one teacher there are times that students are missing entire classes when checked out early.  When students miss they not only miss assignments, but may also be missing introduction and review of concepts.  We understand that often times doctors appointments fall during the school day and can not be helped.  I am a mom and completely understand that.  We just ask that you bring in the doctors note any time your child is out of school whether all day or part of the day.  We appreciate your help with this!

Round 1 of Testing COMPLETE!

The Intermediate Campus is excited to announce that students are finished with day 2 of testing.  This week our fourth graders took their Writing STAAR assessment and fifth grade took their Reading and Math STAAR assessments.  We appreciate your support at home with making sure students had a good nights rest, breakfast, and they were ready to go both days.  We also appreciate all of the Intermediate and Primary parent support by not coming to have lunch or dropping off lunches.  Not having these disruptions allowed the Intermediate campus to transition smoothly at lunch.

You have wonderful students who make it such a pleasure to come to work each day.  As we finish up this round of testing we will continue to work hard as we approach the next round of testing.  Third and Fourth grade will take their Math and Reading STAAR assessments on April 23rd and 24th.  Fifth grade will take their Science STAAR assessment on April 24th.  As we continue to prepare students for the next round I encourage you to continue to read at home with your children, review homework and any graded papers that are sent home, and contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

Fifth grade parents….I know that several of you want to know how your child did on this round of testing.  As we have shared with you, this is an SSI year for our fifth graders and they are required to pass both the reading and math test  in order to move on.  As soon as we have information we can can share we will get that information to you.  It is our hope that we will have results for fifth grade by the end of April, but again we have no control over when we receive results from the state.  Thanks again for all of your support this year!


I would first like to thank the fifth grade parents that were able to attend last nights open house.  During last nights discussion it was asked if there are any example STAAR questions that parents can see.  If you go to the following web address ( ) it will take you to some released questions.  We do not have copies, nor have we seen last year STAAR tests.

Another question that was brought up was in regards to the Texas Higher Performance School Consortium.  I am including Mr. Gilbert’s blog address.  I encourage you to subscribe to his blog for the latest information on where we are in regards to the Consortium.

We are in the middle of benchmark testing this week.  Our third and fourth graders worked hard yesterday on their math assessments.  Tomorrow third and fourth will be taking the reading benchmark and fifth grade will be taking their science assessment.  Just a reminder that all classes will have a different lunch schedule and we ask that you do not come have lunch with your child tomorrow.

Tomorrow students are allowed to wear hats for this weeks events.  During testing we are having students take off their hats.  When testing is complete students can resume wearing their hats.  This is for all of Intermediate due to testing.

Thank you for all of your support and help with benchmark assessments.  We appreciate everything you are doing at home to help your child.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or your child’s teacher.